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    We provide expert Hydroseeding Services for residential and commercial landscaping projects across the South Shore MA. Any size lot, in any condition, we can help transform your yard into a lush green lawn. Call us for exceptional service and unbeatable pricing!


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    Your Hydroseeding Experts

    Are you in need of landscaping help specific to improving your property? Have you been searching for “hydroseeding near me”? Well look no further! At Mays Property Services, we take our knowledge and experience and put it to the test. We are proud to serve the South Shore communities in the great state of Massachusetts. 

    As hydroseeding professionals, we specialize in lawn and yard improvements on residential homes or even commercial properties and parks. Wherever there is grass that needs a boost, we are on it! 

    There’s a wide range of reasons people choose hydroseeding from our landscaping professionals. It is commonly used to beautify yards, commercial real estate, and even local parks. It’s an easy way to make the grass in those spaces look amazing. It’s also an effective way to slow down or prevent erosion of the ground. It’s also a good way to eliminate pesky weeds from your property and be sure it’s full of beautiful grass instead.

    What is Hydroseeding?

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    Hydroseeding is a process used to grow new grass on any type of property. While there are a few ways people choose to grow new grass, this method is by far the most effective and efficient. The process entails the use of specialized equipment and an expert method to grow lush, beautiful grass. To begin the process, we combine a mix of different materials called “slurry.” Slurry is made up of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil, and water and is mixed all together. We use only the best materials in our seed mixture to ensure that the grass grows in healthy and without weeds or pests. Our seed mixture is combined and mixed in a specialized hydroseeder tank that keeps it ensures it is done evenly and properly. This process creates a mixture that is then applied at a high pressure to the patch of land being worked on. This can be done on commercial property, public parks or land, or even in your backyard!

    While this may sound like a complex, expensive process to improve a patch of grass, it is actually extremely cost effective and efficient. In addition to this, it actually creates a speedy grass growing process too! You can typically see results in just 2-3 weeks. Don’t settle for expensive lawn repairs or grass treatments that take forever to get just okay results. Call us to get the best grass growing specialists in the state! ​

    Our Process:

    • Step 1: Call us for a free consultation at 508-399-1173.
    • Step 2: We come to your property with our experts and high quality equipment.
    • Step 3: We create our seed mixture in our hydroseeding tank.
    • Step 4: We spray the mixture at high pressure on to the patch of land that needs new grass.
    • Step 5: Watch your new, lush, green grass grow before your eyes in just weeks!

    Instead of paying astronomical prices for things like grass seeding and sod for your property, choose our services for your landscaping needs. We pride ourselves in using the best possible materials when it comes to our hydroseeding tanks, the parts of our “slurry” mixture, and even our spraying equipment. We stand above the rest when it comes to the quality of materials used, and it sets our results apart too. Don’t settle for the mediocre competition. Give us a call at 508-399-1173 for more information or a free quote today!

    If you live in the South Shore Massachusetts area, we are thrilled to service your community. We are based out of Bridgewater, Massachusetts and we service towns within a 30 mile radius. This includes communities within Plymouth County, Bristol County, and Norfolk County. If you are interested in our landscaping services and live in our large service area, call us today! We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our lawn care knowledge.

    Why Choose Us

    We are experts in this field of landscaping and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process and the benefits for your property. Because we have a range of services available, from commercial hydroseeding to hydroseeding private property, we are the South Shore lawn care company you need to call. We can transform any sad, dying grass into a beautiful, lush lawn that is guaranteed to wow our customers.

    Our landscaping services are done by the experts at Mays Property Services who understand the importance of having healthy, beautiful grass on your property. Whether you need landscaping in the form of renovations or whether you need brand new grass on your property, our services are the most efficient, cost-effective option for you. We can make sure your lawn is weed-free and flawless for an affordable price at expert quality.

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    Benefits of Hydro Seeding:

    Why spend time, energy and money on growing new grass or renovating your property? Healthy grass and beautiful landscaping has endless benefits for your property. A good-looking lawn will not only boost the curbside appeal of your home or commercial property, but it will actually increase its value too. Customers and clients are guaranteed to get the best impression from your business when your property has fresh grass and beautiful landscaping. Even when it comes to public parks or trails, healthy grass will provide safe, comfortable areas for families and children to play, explore, and have picnics. 

    At your home, healthy grass is crucial to enjoying the warm summer months. Whether it’s playing games like bocce or cornhole at an outdoor barbeque with family and friends, or throwing a ball to the dog outside, healthy, living grass is key. Lawn care is a fantastic way to increase the value of your property and enjoy the land around your home. If you are a new homeowner, hydroseeding is a fantastic way to accent the property and make sure the lawn is plush and alive for the coming years. 

    There are endless reasons to improve your lawn today, and we are the experts who are ready for the job. Whether you need brand new property to grow fresh grass or you want us to renovate and grow a new patch of grass, we can meet any of your needs. We promise to provide you with brand new grass that will have your neighbors calling you up to ask who installed it! Make your entire neighborhood jealous of your plush grass and call us up for a free quote today!

    More About Our Hydroseeding Contractors MA

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    Our hydroseeding services are unmatched by any other landscapers in the South Shore area of Massachusetts and we want to bring them to you. Don’t settle for weed-filled, yellowing, or dying grass, when you can have a lush lawn of green! Our professionals take pride in using the best materials, such as our hydroseeding tanks and sprayers, and the best grass seeds available. Don’t have other landscapers do a mediocre job when you can have our superior lawn improvement services today!

    If you live in the South Shore of Massachusetts, we want to hear from you. We can give you a free quote and answer any questions you may have about the hydroseeding process and why it is the best option for your lawn. While there are other options out there, like expensive sodding for your lawn, we are the right choice every time. Instead of settling for the instant gratification that sodding your lawn might give you, our hydroseeding services will give you a more efficient and effective product that is superior in the end. We are excited to hear from you and service your lawn today! We are prepared to answer any questions or even analyze your property for an estimated price. Give us a call at 508-399-1173 for a free quote today!

    Our service area: 

    • Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Our home base)
    • Plymouth County
    • Bristol County
    • Norfolk County

    We serve communities on the South Shore of Massachusetts including BrocktonPlymouthCantonStoughton and more with amazing grass care you can’t find anywhere else. Does your lawn look drab? Did you recently dig up land that needs fresh grass to replace it? Do you own commercial property that could use some revamping on the outside? How about a local park that has worn down grass? Whatever the case may be, you can count on us to grow your new grass and develop a lawn in no time.